How to start playing Mostbet Aviator with money in the casino


The company offers an unusual game of Aviator, where you can increase your bet tenfold in a short time. Bonuses are also available at Mostbet. Playing Aviator with them will be more successful without creating an account or making a deposit.

Mostbet Aviator demo. In this mode, you can understand the testing capabilities and methods of the program. Mostbet demo mode will need virtual money to play on the site so that you can use it. After passing the demo session, you will be able to play Aviator online in real time for real money. To do this, you need to go through a short registration procedure at the MostBet online casino and make a deposit.

To play Aviator at Mostbet Casino, you must first create an account on the casino website.

  1. Click the "Aviator Game" button at the top of the page to go to the Registration Confirmation page.
  2. Select the registration method, fill in the information on the screen, select the welcome bonus and wait for the registration Confirmation email.
  3. Then go to your account and select "deposit".

Mostbet Aviator real money a deposit by following the simple instructions to play

  1. After the money is deposited into your mostbet casino account (it usually takes a few minutes) — select the "Aviator" game from the top menu on the home screen.

Most bet online casino bonuses and promo codes

As a new player, you can get the mostbet welcome bonus of up to 100 euros or an equivalent amount in another currency. Bonus claim requirements: 50x, deadline - 21 days after the initial deposit. In addition to the welcome offer, MostBet offers additional discounts and benefits such as reload bonuses, CashBack, and free spins. Check the "Specials'' section of the website to see what the current offers are. You can also subscribe to the MostBet newsletter to receive notifications of new bonuses and promotional codes via email.

Register at MostBet online casino

Adults can join Mostbet Aviator only if they meet the following requirements:

  • one click;
  • by phone number;
  • by email;
  • through social networks.

After completing the questionnaire, you will be able to play Aviator at Mostbet. The security service will use it to verify your identity.

Withdrawal methods at MostBet online casino

accepts up your account and make various payment methods to Casino accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa;
  • Bitcoin;
  • ecoPayz;

Deposits and withdrawals can be made using the same payment methods as before. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount are 1 AZN (or equivalent). Withdrawal will be completed within 24 hours. official site of MostBet depends on the payment method. For more information, visit the website or casino contact support.

Mostbet customer service

MostBet provides 24/7 support to resolve any issue related to casino services. To contact customer support, contact the following numbers:

  • Live chat;
  • telephone number;
  • Email address.

At MostBet Aviator game main advantages of

  • a wide selection of payment methods;
  • direct support;
  • Nice bonus.

How to play, strategies

Aviator game mechanics are extremely simple. We go to the application, select the amount and make a bet. We are waiting for a new round and watching the plane take off. When the amount seems sufficient, we wait for a favorable moment - we withdraw the winnings. If the plane flies away before you press the "cash" button, your bet will leave the casino. The minimum bid and rate change step is 10 AZN. Maximum AZN 100. Despite the short visuals, the gameplay is not simple. Aviator is like chess - the black-and-white area is the basis for complex multi-way and complex strategies. Here the most stubborn wins. People with a core and effective strategy. "We throw out greed and extract small profits. The strategy is win-win." Probably, every beginner who is new to the game thinks so. Everything is not easy here. With a minimum auto withdrawal of 1.01, an auto withdrawal can be such a loss (one loss covers 100 wins). How to win?

The Spribe aviator slot boasts a huge multiplier. The maximum is 1,000,000. Yes, it's rare, but the odds of X20, x40, or even X80 drop regularly. You just need to catch them, and it is not difficult. In the Aviator game, the control panel is double, but you can make one or two bets at the same time. This greatly expands the possibilities for developing game strategies. There are many opportunities to miscalculate. The most popular winning strategy is to automatically play two rates at once. We make our first bet twice as much as our second bet. Automatic withdrawal X1. We set it to 5 - this is our breakeven profit (alternatively, the initial bet is 3 times, and the withdrawal ratio is 1.34). We place our second bet on profit. Conventionally, there are three options:

  • Automatic extraction of the second degree within x3 - x4. If the bet plays, we will double the originally placed amount or a little more (if more than 1.5 x, we lose nothing). This strategy can be combined with Martingale - if we lose, we double our bets;
  • The first bet is placed on continuous winnings, and the second bet is placed on X6 - X9 limits. If we win with such a strategy, we increase our bet three to four times. To win, it is enough to have a ratio of 3-4 to 1 of bets that lose completely (sometimes falling below 1.5x) to situations where both play.
  • We set an exit multiplier of 50 and higher on the second bet for automatic withdrawal. Such a multiplier rarely falls (in 50 100 We will not get more than three-four wins from a draw. From X80: 1-2 per 100 rounds).

Which strategy should I choose? Here is another secret. The withdrawal rate of the game is more than 97%. To give something to the players, the car must have stock. Considering that it is a collective game, the algorithm adapts to the current situation, namely the bet size of the players (the total size of the bank). There is no cheating. The algorithm does not specifically play against you or any other player. But if the slot machine is low in stock and many players are playing to the max, the Aviator will give a series of small multipliers (less than X1, sometimes even dropping to X80) that will be replaced by jackpots of X1, X5, x100 or more.

If most players play a small amount, the slot machine allows you to win more often. A series of multipliers with periodic output in the range X10-x30 in X3-x7 we will see. This is not an iron rule, the game is controlled by a random number generator. If the machine is loaded, even large rates do not prevent it from giving a high multiplier. We always remember that the rate of return is 97%. This is an excellent indicator, but if it is less than a hundred, the casino will not operate at a loss. It is a competition between players and the slot machine only receives a small commission.

Before choosing a coefficient, do some small calculations. Estimate the number of smaller bets with a ratio of x1.5 (or 1.34) and compare this number to the number of winning bets. Calculate that the ratio of losing to winning bets (zero, we do not take into account when we return the bet) is a slightly higher and more profitable strategy. It is enough that the number of losing bets is greater than 2.44 for each winning bet. You don't have to spend your money to test your strategy. Aviator has a demo mode.


The popular Aviator game is included in a solid online casino that offers many game options. The company has a good reputation and provides round-the-clock customer support. You can also take advantage of their welcome bonus when you sign up. Sign up now and try your luck at Aviator today!